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The glass of wine falls to the floor. Tiny fragments of glass flying in the dark room. The candles are not flickering anymore.

Eldebryn's expression, frozen. The servant of his House stood there, holding his knees and sweating.

He grabs his staff and his grimoire, bursting out in the hallway. The steep stairs of the Sorcere are holding him back...

I can't be weak now.... I have to dash...other side... of the city...

He coughs violently. Searing pain in his arms and legs.

Heavily he relies on his staff as it pierces the ground.
Much like the invisible daggers are piercing him from the inside, at these vivid moments...

Faster... Harder...

He gazes upon the half-ruined Houses' facilities.

So much for drow alliances...

Anger is building up, he needs to find someone. He searches.

...Lying against the rock, a drow man with a female on his hands. Her white hair covered in gallons of blood. Her still body, in a teared up dress. Silence.

"Mother... no"

The man slowly raises his head. Blood dripping from his dry lips. A blood-dyed spear next to him.

"Son...", a low groan

"Father-", a trembling voice

His hands extend towards him. Countless knives drown him in pain.

"You must....go... It's over" The head is shaking with his remaining strength left and right. The faint words make their way through the wounds.


The wizard looks around. Shouts, explosions. They are being torn out... Eradicated...

He gulps.

Must do something... Why can't I...

The loud shout of a captain directs the soldiers towards their side.


"Go. Lolth be cursed, run!"

And so, he runs.

A mystical incantation as the soldiers approach. He couldn't look behind. He couldn't help. He heard the spell materialize, the explosion and shouts of agony. It was over.

He ran.

Now he was laying concealed on the dwarves' cart. His chest burning and his heart pumping with each breath, sweat on his brow...

The guards didn't bother examining the merchandise as the huge, black gates were opening.

His heartbeat slowed  down.

He ran. But the daggers wouldn't go away.
They kept coming back, haunting the darkness of the Underdark...

Red eyes glistening in the shadows...

...I am who I am, and the Art is all I have left...
This part of literature is about my Dungeons & Dragons character, Eldebryn, a drow wizard in the world/setting of Forgotten Realms. This particular version is for the "From Darkest skies" campaign which we play.

It is the part of his story that was his 'genesis', the time when his future changed, forcing a terrible a change upon him and guiding him towards a new, unforeseen path. I might add a more general background later as well as possibly similar pieces focusing on various incidents of his past.

Honorary mention to =TheAppleScientist for technical help and her usual dose of inspiration ;)

As always the first part of the text is a link to music that may enhance your reading experience: [link]

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Dramira-Official Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Hmm, interesting. I hardly know any Drow lore but I wonder what happened to them and why!
Eldebryn Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2012
It's not really a main event Lore-wise. Drow often exterminate the members of other noble Houses in order to gain more prestige and rise in hierarchy. "When spiders kiss" takes place some time before the attack on Eldebryn's House.
TheAppleScientist Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2012
"..her usual dose of inspiration." :blush: I am flattered. :P
Well, I thought I was only good at throwing magic stones. *coughs*
Eldebryn Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2012
Better than you think >.<
So keep the stones under control, I don't really wanna write a memorial for Elde's funeral and how he died because of a stone-throwing half-insane elf... :D
TheAppleScientist Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2012
Heeeey, not insane! Just having a slightly chaotic personality! :P
Okay, the druid will learn to behave herself , that's a promise. :floating:
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